Monday, November 24, 2014

Add some history to your thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for food and family, a time to share stories and bond. What better way to visually represent this than to add some vintage items to your table! Maybe you have grandma's silverware or an heirloom baking dish- let's look at some vintage decorating with a twist!

Store silverware in mason jar to add a rustic flair- BONUS you'll be able to see what type of utensil you're reaching for

Brown and Green glassware is perfect for Thanksgiving and will remind guests of the beautiful foliage outside. Swap out the brown for red and you'll be ready for Christmas!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holiday Open House 2014

We had a fantastic time at our Open House this weekend. We gave away prizes every hour that we were open and had many fabulous visitors.

We had elves on hand to help load large purchases. 

And to help us decorate!

We still have many great Christmas items to dress your nest!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Vintage Crate Upcycle Inspiration

I was walking around outside in the 70 degree weather we had on Saturday- I found these crates and decided to see some ideas for upcycling them! So like any upcycling project- I started with pinterest. Click the images to go to the blogs that originally posted them. 
Make a vintage crate boot rack! 

Or take it a step further and make an entire bookcase!

crates of different sizes and depths make an eye catching display- items can be displayed on top, inside or hung from the crates!

Keep it simple and show off your spring blossoms

Ready to add some vintage crates to your home? Stop by and get yours today

The Hummingbirds Nest
Lucketts VA

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Pinterest Round-Up- Let's get Planting

We seem to have FINALLY made it to the other side of winter! Here's a roundup of some spectacular refurbished planters from Pinterest. Galvanized Steel and repurposed garden tools are on trend this season!

A simple metal bucket and watering can painted white to match these beautiful daisies. 

Galvanized metal wash tub with star decal

Tulips and eggs in this distressed/aged metal watering can make a lovely Easter welcome bouquet. 

Antique steel wheel barrow for these Hydrangeas
(You can move this wherever you need extra colors!)

Succulents in an old boot!

Ladders make great tiered garden displays- this one features antique bakeware, birdhouses, and boots for an eclectic primitive feel. 

Antique soda chest repurposed as a planter. 

Use a mesh screen where the drain is to make this cast iron sink a lovely planter- shown here atop a sewing table's legs. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Welcoming Van Gogh Paints to the Hummingbird's Nest

We would like to welcome Scottie with Van Gogh Paints to the Hummingbird's Nest! 
We think Scottie will fit in well here... 
Scottie describes her style as "unique furnishings and repurposed stuff" and loves turning someone else's castoffs into treasures for another. A simple painted chair started a pinterest obsession and saved her sanity. In addition to already painted items, she also teaches classes on how to make your own treasures and has the supplies to make it yours. Painting not your thing? That's OK- talk to Scottie about commissioning a custom piece just for you! 

At the nest we'll also be offering Van Gogh Paintology Fossil Paints, wax, furniture makeup, brushes and more. The paint has been formulated in easily mixed colors to create any color your heart desires. 

Ready to learn to do it on your own? 
Scottie does CLASSES! 
Keep checking our blog and Facebook for announcements about classes- we have one scheduled for our big sale on May 17th - but as the weather allows we might throw in a few extra! 

And now- a few pieces Saved by Scottie!
Van Gogh
van gogh paint

Patisserie van gogh

Van Gogh Painted Vanity

Van Gogh Paints

DIY Shabby Chic

Check out more of Scottie's Saves at the Hummingbird's nest in Lucketts Virginia- just a few miles south of Frederick Maryland and a few miles north of Leesburg Virginia!
You can also find Scottie on Facebook
and on her Website

Stop in and say Hi!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vintage Valentines Day Cards

I adore the artwork and unbearably cute puns on Vintage Valentines- Hallmark has NOTHING on these vintage finds! I wish these were still popular instead of the generic "kids cartoon valentines" where everyone shows up with the exact same ones. Although I do have a fond first grade memory of not so subtly making sure that the largest of my Beauty and The Beast Valentines went to my very first crush...
Here are a few favorites:
"Gosh Valentine- I think of you "Knight" and Day!"
"Hello Sugar, You "Bowl" me Over" (get it, she's in a bowl!)

Terriers always get a mention in my favorites lists! This is a beautiful and simple valentines card. 
Wait... Is she serving human hearts for Valentines Day? 
This one kind of creeps me out, she's staring a bit intensely- I suppose they are to be bedroom eyes. 
Apparently there is an English/Celtic tradition where the bride is to wear a horse shoe around her wrist for good luck. 
The kid on this card knows this pick up line is so corny, even he is rolling his eyes. 
Maybe I should suggest some of these to my single friends, they're so bad, they might be good!

Monday, February 3, 2014

January Pinterest Round-Up

Here's what we pinned last month:
A little thought allows this ugly dresser to become a custom TV Stand! Visit for how she did it
I've been eyeing industrial style things lately- I think this style works best when you incorporate warmth and coziness with it for some contrast- I think these lights and planter would look great in the space below (via and

Utilizing Vertical space can free up limited counter space- I'm on the hunt for a stand like this for my vanity

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gearing up for Groundhog's Day with Maura Lynn

The Hummingbird's Nest has a new resident!
We'd like to welcome Maura Lynn's Eclectic Vintage Collections just in time for our big Groundhog's Day Celebration! This isn't Maura's first time at the Nest, she also set up with us over the Summer for the Lucketts Fair!

Here are a few pictures of her new digs!

Maura also has a wonderful Etsy Shop 
Stop by and check out her Eclectic Vintage Collections- and remember that our special Groundhog's day sale is Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 31-Feb2 2014