Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vintage Valentines Day Cards

I adore the artwork and unbearably cute puns on Vintage Valentines- Hallmark has NOTHING on these vintage finds! I wish these were still popular instead of the generic "kids cartoon valentines" where everyone shows up with the exact same ones. Although I do have a fond first grade memory of not so subtly making sure that the largest of my Beauty and The Beast Valentines went to my very first crush...
Here are a few favorites:
"Gosh Valentine- I think of you "Knight" and Day!"
"Hello Sugar, You "Bowl" me Over" (get it, she's in a bowl!)

Terriers always get a mention in my favorites lists! This is a beautiful and simple valentines card. 
Wait... Is she serving human hearts for Valentines Day? 
This one kind of creeps me out, she's staring a bit intensely- I suppose they are to be bedroom eyes. 
Apparently there is an English/Celtic tradition where the bride is to wear a horse shoe around her wrist for good luck. 
The kid on this card knows this pick up line is so corny, even he is rolling his eyes. 
Maybe I should suggest some of these to my single friends, they're so bad, they might be good!

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